The Benefits Of Aluminum Die Casting

Many different items are made using die casts. The die casting process consists of filling up a mold, also known as a die, with your desired type of metal when it is heated, or in liquid form. Once the metal cools and hardens, it can be popped out of the mold and you have the metal item you created. Many items, including medical devices, tools, gears, car parts, and gun parts, can be created through the die casting process. If you are having an item created using die casting, there are different types of metal that can be used in the mold. Here are a few of the benefits associated with using aluminum for die casting. 

Aluminum Is a Reasonably Priced Metal

One of the reasons why aluminum is a popular choice for metal die casting is that aluminum is an affordable metal. You can die cast with many types of metal, including copper and steel, but these metals are more expensive. Using an inexpensive metal, such as aluminum, helps to keep production prices down. 

Aluminum Is Lightweight, Yet Durable

Another benefit associated with using aluminum for die casting is that aluminum is lightweight, yet durable. This helps to make the parts or pieces that you are manufacturing lightweight. This can be an important benefit if you are shipping your metal parts across the country, as heavy parts increase shipping costs. However, despite its light weight, aluminum is durable enough for everyday use. 

Aluminum Can Be Recycled

Consumers are becoming conscious about the items they buy and the impact that those items have on the environment. Aluminum is a metal that can be recycled. As such, if you create die cast items out of aluminum, the aluminum can be recycled when the gear, medical device, or car part reaches the end of its lifespan. This can be a plus for consumers who are looking to decrease their carbon footprint. 

Aluminum Does Not Rust

The final benefit that aluminum has it that aluminum does not rust. As such, you can die cast parts that are used near water or in humid environments and the parts will not rust. Many jet ski or boat parts are made from aluminum for this very reason. 

If you are looking to manufacture items, a die casting company can work with you to create the perfect mold or die and then cast or create the metal items you need. Aluminum can be a great material for metal die casting, as it is reasonably priced, is lightweight and durable, can be recycled and does not rust. Reach out to a die casting company like American Die Casting, Inc. today to get started. 

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