Three Reasons to Add Laser Welding to Your Shop

Metal is a versatile material that has many uses. Joining two or more pieces of metal together requires the use of specialized welding processes. There are many types of welding techniques that can be used to fabricate sheet metal, but laser welding isn't one that many shops are relying on regularly.

Laser welding has been used in the automotive industry for many years, but this unique welding technique can benefit your shop in many ways.

1. Improved Joint Design

One of the things that sets laser welding apart from other welding techniques is a lack of filler material. When utilizing MIG or TIG welding, a filler material is used to join two pieces of metal together. This creates a visible seam that must be ground and polished after completion.

Since laser welding doesn't use filler materials, a visible seam is not created. Instead, the two metals are melted into one another to create a continuous and solid design. This allows you to improve the design of any joints you are welding for maximum stability and efficiency.

2. Optimal Accessibility

Laser welding can also provide your shop with the ability to weld in close quarters. The robotic arm of the laser welder only needs to be able to access one side of the project that you are working on to create a solid weld.

This means that you can use laser welding in tight or closed areas that might not be accessible with other types of welding equipment. The optimal accessibility offered by a laser welder gives you the ability to diversify the services that you offer to your customers, increasing your shop's profitability over time.

3. Maximum Versatility

Laser welding techniques can be customized to meet your unique needs. All you have to do is adjust the focal point of the laser before you begin welding to create a variety of weld types.

The higher the focal point, the less focused the laser beam used to generate welds will be. This results in the creation of cosmetic welds that don't detract from the aesthetic of the piece. If your primary concern is speed and not appearance, you can lower the focal point. This focuses the beam into a small spot size that allows you to make quick and accurate welds.

If you want to diversify your machine shop, consider adding laser welding to your arsenal of tools. Laser welding allows you to offer sheet metal fabrication in unique and beneficial ways.

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