Three Tips for Storing Your Company's Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Ensuring that your enterprise is fully stocked with shipping supplies can be a fairly expensive task for a small business owner. In order to make sure that your business is getting a sound return on this expense, you must make it a point to utilize several simple storage tips that will help you to minimize losing supplies to damage or degradation.

Keep the Boxes Safe From Moisture Damage

Moisture is one of the primary threats to stored cardboard boxes. While you may assume that the room where these items are stored would need to suffer a serious leak for this damage to occur, this is not correct. Routine condensation can be remarkably damaging to cardboard boxes. Over time, this repeated moisture exposure can cause the cardboard to weaken or rot. Preventing condensation from forming in your storage room might require moisture control steps. For example, dehumidifiers can be one of the most effective solutions for this problem, but you may also be able to use moisture absorbing gels to keep the air in the storage room dry.

Store Unassembled Boxes Horizontally on a Flat Surface

The way that you arrange your boxes can also play a major role in determining the likelihood of them suffering damages. This is particularly true when the boxes are not fully assembled. If you make the mistake of storing unassembled boxes vertically, they could warp, which may make them less stable after assembly. By ensuring that these boxes are always stored horizontally, you will be able to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed so that this type of damage can be avoided.  

Protect the Graphics That Are Printed on the Box

It is common for businesses to have their logos or company name printed on the sides of their shipping boxes. While this can be great for marketing and creating a powerful first impression with customers, this ink can also be prone to problems. For example, stored boxes can be prone to ink transferring from one box to another when they are in direct contact. This can lead to noticeable imperfections. You will want to avoid this by placing a thin sheet of paper when the unassembled boxes. This will prevent ink from transferring from one box to another without increasing the amount of space needed to store them. While it will add several minutes onto placing the boxes in the storage area, preventing this type of problem from ruining the boxes may make this a worthy inconvenience.

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