Using Steel In Residential Construction Projects

Steel is commonly used in the construction of a high-rise building or a commercial property, but it is not as common in residential construction. There are times though that steel is a great alternative to traditional construction materials when building a home. The durability, strength, and design can all be great assets when using steel in your build.

Structural steel

There are times when the design of a home can benefit from structural steel rather than traditional wood construction. If the home has a large overhang, a steel beam might be required to support it. Sometimes the design calls for the steel to be exposed and showing in the home for aesthetics, but more often you will never see it. It can be hidden under sheet rock, paneling, or another siding, but if it is to be left showing, painting it is a great way to integrate it into the design.

Framing Walls with Steel

Framing and construction of a new home are still pretty typically done with wood 2x4s, but it is also not uncommon to see homes framed in using steel framing materials instead of the wood these days. When they first starting using them, steel 2x4s were commonly only used in commercial projects, but that is changing in some parts of the country. These thin, formed-steel 2x4s are just as strong but much lighter than wood and readily available at any building supply store.

Formed Steel Roofing Materials

Another great use of steel in residential construction is on the roof. Steel has been used for years on commercial buildings and things like barns or sheds, but in more recent years, steel roofing material has made its way onto homes because of the durability and strength it offers. Steel roofing is available in many colors, and the finish does not fade, chip, or peel, in in the worst conditions, making it appealing for homeowners living in areas with harsh winters and extreme weather conditions.

Custom Patio or Stair Railings

Steel can be used to form many different patterns. It is a good material for creating railings for a deck, patio, or staircase because of its strength. If you are looking for something custom made that will really stand out, there are steel artisans that can shape and bend the material into many shapes and really create something custom for your home. Whether you want something completely unique or like a design they have already created, a handmade steel railing is a great way to finish of your project.

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