Upgrading To Manufacturing Production Software: 3 Additional Extensions That Can Be Enjoyed

The manufacturing industry in the U.S. is huge. Manufacturers in the U.S. have been crowned as the most productive manufacturers in the entire world, known to far surpass the capabilities of other countries and have contributed $2.09 trillion to the economy. This has led to higher wages and living standards; however, for the manufacturing industry to continue to grow and stay as a top competitor, manufacturers must rely on special software programs to run the entire operation. Most manufacturers rely on simple manufacturing resource planning software (MRP); however, it may be time to upgrade to manufacturing production software.

Ideal Candidates For An Upgrade

A MRP is perfect for manufacturers that operate large runs or few products; however, as manufacturing companies expand, their needs change. If your manufacturing company specializes in make-to-order (MTO) or assemble-to-order (ATO) operations, produce customized products or take on orders that change frequently, your company requires software that is more flexible and can handle more versatile projects. The upgrade will boost the overall productivity and efficiency within your company to help you further expand, reduce costs and gain more profit. 

Benefits That Can Be Reaped From The Upgrade

If you're happy with the MRP software, you may be wondering why you should take the initiative of upgrading your network's software, especially when you factor in the added costs involved with the initial installation and the amount of time and effort that you will have to put into training your workers to become familiarized with the new system. MRP software are considered as basic tools that all manufacturers require. As your company expands, upgrading from MRP software to manufacturing production software will allow you to reap the following 3 benefits:

Prioritization Of All Jobs

MRP software do not take into account the profitability or value of each job and task. Everything is weighted equally. In comparison, manufacturing production software will be able to factor in many different issues and considerations in order to determine which jobs are more profitable, and which tasks are more important. The software can then help your company prioritize which jobs are more important, and need to be completed first. This helps boost overall productivity, and can also help you determine which jobs to take on in order to make the most profit possible out of the time and energy that is put in.

More Realistic Simulations

Manufacturers that rely on the MRP software often come up with unrealistic expectations. The MRP software uses total capacity as a baseline when planning and calculating, but manufacturing production software will calculate and plan all activities and operations based on available capacity instead. This means that the manufacturing production software will consider constraints that may result from jobs that are already scheduled. 

Calculation Of Several Production Scenarios

When overseeing an entire operation, it may be difficult to determine which operations and production scenarios are most beneficial. Manufacturing production software will utilize complex algorithms to model multiple possible production and operation scenarios.

In short, manufacturing production software is capable of finite capacity scheduling, production planning and workflow visualization since adjustments can be easily made to the calculations. 


Depending on the size of the operation that you are running, manufacturing production software can help significantly boost overall workplace productivity and efficiency, as it can help you determine which production scenarios are most productive and will yield the most profit. By being able to dynamically plan production, you may also find that your company may be able to take on more projects in the future and make better decisions regarding which projects to take on by looking how much effort, time and resources need to be distributed to each project in comparison to the operational capacity. For more information, contact a company like JobPack.

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