Do You Manage A Business? 2 Problems Stretch Wrapping Machines Solve

As a business manager, you might be faced with responsibilities like reviewing department budgets and talking with potential investors on a daily basis. When business is booming, it can be hard to find time to deal with surprise issues. However, you might be able to fend off trouble by investing in a new piece of equipment for your warehouse. Here are two problems full-pallet stretch wrapping machines solve, and why you should invest in one for your company:

1: Damaged Product

After developing products and packaging them carefully, it can be frustrating to hear from customers complaining about damaged items. Unfortunately, shipping can be hard on products, which can be bad for business. However, pallet wrapping machines can help you to protect your merchandise, which can reduce your costs and keep your customers happy.

To use a pallet wrapping machine, all your backroom employees will need to do is set a pallet on a turntable or under a rotary arm. After turning the system on, the wrapper will automatically stretch layers of strong plastic around the top and sides of each load. These plastic layers might not seem like much, but here are a few ways that they can keep items safe:

  • Moisture and Grime: As your packed pallets ship off to their destination, you never know what they will face. The back of that delivery truck might be filthy, or it might start raining during the product transfer. However, pallets that are wrapped with plastic will be protected from the elements.
  • Pallet Stability: Stretch wrap is incredibly flexible and strong. In fact, some varieties are capable of stretching to 500% their original size without breaking. As layers of plastic film are stretched tightly around each pallet, they hold product in place so that things don't fall and become damaged.

Although a stretch wrapper might seem like an added expense, the amount of money you save in damaged products might pay for the system in no time.

2: Injured Employees

If your warehouse employees have been wrapping pallets by hand, you might wonder why you would need to invest in a separate piece of equipment. After all, why supplement a system that seems to be working fine? However, hand-wrapping pallets can be dangerous, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Stoop and Circle: As employees struggle to wrap the bottom of pallets, they might find themselves in a stooped stance, circling the load, carrying wrap that weighs between 8-10 pounds. Unfortunately, this body position and repeated motion has been found to cause musculoskeletal disorders and back pain.
  • Lacerations: When employees use hand stretch-wrapping devices, they might be tempted to stick their fingers into the open ends of wrapping tubes to help the plastic to run off of the roll. Unfortunately, this action can actually cause serious cuts.
  • Falling Product: As your warehouse employees hurry to wrap pallets and load up trucks, they might not work as carefully as they should. Unfortunately, unless plastic wrap is applied securely and evenly, products could fall and hit your workers.  

Fortunately, by investing in a stretch wrapper, you might not have to worry about filling out as many accident report forms. Because stretch wrappers are automated, reliable, and contain safety guards, your employees can stay safe while getting the job done. Believe it or not, the addition of a pallet wrapping machine can also improve employee morale. While that pallet is being wrapped, your employees might have time to chat, take a break, or grab a bite to eat.  

Stretch wrapping machines might help you to speed up shipping, without sacrificing safety or quality.  

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